What is the Best Weight Scale to Buy?

Having a weight scale is a very important part of tracking all your fitness goals.  Weighing yourself to make sure you are on track with whatever goal you are pursuing is critical to your success.  Sometimes it can be a little hard getting used to being honest with yourself about your weight, but it’s nothing at all to be ashamed of.  Going from one weight to another is simply a matter of determination. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and a weight scale will look you straight in the face and give you the answer you need to understand if you are going in the right direction or if you need to readjust your plan of attack.  No longer does anyone have to dread stepping on the scale with both eyes closed,  only to open them and wince at the results.  Today I offer you the latest and greatest scales to help you become the latest and greatest you.  Instead of fearing the results, we will use them for more motivation than ever.

In your quest to buy the best scale possible, I have listed a few of the best deals currently on Amazon.   Keep in mind that all weight scales are only designed to do a few simple things so there’s not a huge amount of differences with each scale type, but you might find one scale fits a little better than another.  A lot of the time the style and design of scale comes into play as well, so I am bringing you not only the best deals and quality products, but the more stylish of the options as well.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

I mean talk about a sleek weight scale. The Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is a leader on Amazon for digital weight scales. It boasts “step-on” technology that immediately gives you your weight or any objects weight you put on top of it. It is made out of high quality tempered glass and is designed to fit any modern designed area of the house. The Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale has a multifunction LED light and provides high accuracy with precision sensors.

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Another good option is the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with an extra large lighted display.  One thing I will say about this scale is I really like the large display.  It doesn’t make much sense to me to have a million different bells and whistles when you need glasses to read a display on the scale.  The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale has a “no slip” tempered glass platform and comes with an EatSmart body Tape measure.  The tape measure is a nice accessory for whether you want to lose or gain weight.  It’s nice being able to measure the size of your arms after a weight gaining phase, or the trimness of your waist after losing all those pounds.

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Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

Last, but definitely not least, is the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale.  What separates this bathroom scale from the rest is its smart weight technology.  Of course, you don’t need a smart phone or any other app to step on this scale and get a precise weight measurement.  But if you really want to up your game, sync this weight scale with apps such as FitBit, Google Fit, Apple Health, among many others.  The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale holds up to 8 users for automatic recognition and measures all aspects of the body such as weight, BMI, body fat, bone mass, and water weight.  A large LCD backlit provides clear measurement numbers and the tempered glass design is sure to fit any style of decor.  For the money, this is the one stop shop for weight scales.

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These days, like many products, there’s too many options to list. The reason I narrowed it down to these three is for quality of product, good consumer reviews, and modern technology and design.  I decided to not review any mechanical or analog scales as studies have shown that they break down over time and do not provide accurate readings of measurement.  Plus, it’s 2017, you want to go digital and you might even want to go with a digital “smart” weight scale. The main benefits of going with smart scales is the constant tracking of your body’s biometrics. It can be very inspiring seeing the results of your hard work over time, plotted out in a graph of weigh loss. Somehow it’s vindicating to see the progress right in front of your face.

All three options presented are tempered glass because that’s the design digital scales lean towards. A few consumers have reported the glass breaking under a lot of stress but I didn’t really take that into much consideration considering there were very few reports of it happening, and they seemed to happen under rough treatment of the product. I would say that if a scale breaks from you stepping on it ( these listed have an average weight limit of 400lbs ) then there’s good cause not to purchase it. But if you plan on knocking your tempered glass weight scale off of the counter onto the concrete of your garage floor, I think you might want to reassess your placement options.

These three options should give you a good idea of what’s out there and what might work best for you.  I could go on and on and list 50 more, but lets be real, we don’t have all day to search for the best weight scale out of every single one made.  Some bathroom scale reviews just list the 50 most popular scales and claim that they’re all the best weight scale, which doesn’t help in your search at all.  These three are currently the best of the best as of the date of this post and I don’t see that changing for awhile.

Even though we don’t always like the results we see on the scale, we should always demand precision and the truth. Besides, in two to three weeks, that number is going to be headed in the right direction, and at that point, it will all be worth it.