Why You Gained the Weight back

One of the biggest fears people have when starting a diet plan is that they won’t be able to maintain it once they start. It’s a lot easier to not even try than it is to put yourself out on a limb and reach your goals. What’s worse, is that when people get the courage and determination to start a new diet, if they gain the weight back a few months afterward, they really start to beat themselves up.

Then once they miss their mark on the goals they’ve set, they start to think they are unable to lose weight and they go back to their old bad eating habits. Whatever the case may be, sometimes people start thinking they can’t lose weight after falling short with their diet. Well, I’m here to tell you that everyone in the world can lose weight. If you’re wondering to yourself “why can’t I lose weight and keep it off?” you may be unaware of some of the biggest pitfalls in your quest for a leaner you. Today we will discuss some of the main reasons people gain back weight after losing weight from a diet.

You Didn’t Think About Long-Term Goals

Just like starting any other type of plan, when you start a diet plan, you need to make it a lifestyle. Let’s say you decided that you weren’t going to be one of those people that think they can’t lose weight so you started a new diet plan and crushed it. You were eating healthy and following all the guidelines to a “T”. Suddenly you hit the end of the diet plan and you realized that you aren’t sure what to do next. Should you follow the same steps in the diet over and over? Should you switch things up now and find another diet to start?

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One of the biggest reasons people are unable to lose weight over time is because they didn’t plan to make it a lifestyle. You need to have a rock-solid plan that will allow you to stick to your health and fitness goals forever. To be honest, 80% of the problem falls on the diet plan you choose. If you started one of the quick fix diet plans that trick you into thinking you can lose 10 lbs overnight, you will never be able to stick to it long term. If you have a plan in place that allows you to tailor your diet to your lifestyle and lose weight at the same time, it will be ten times easier to lose that weight and keep it off forever. So don’t beat yourself up about starting a new diet plan and gaining a few pounds back afterward. The reason you feel like you can’t lose weight isn’t that it’s a reality, a lot of the time it’s because you started the wrong diet plan.

You Forgot to Write it Down

One of the best ways to stop those thoughts of being unable to lose weight is to track your food in a journal. I always recommend that people write down all the food they eat on a daily basis in a journal. At the end of the week, review the journal and congratulate yourself on the healthy food choices you made and be aware of the bad choices you made. A food journal can really keep you honest when you are trying to lose weight.

A lot of people think they can’t lose weight because they really aren’t paying attention to the food they are eating. If you don’t know the calorie content of what you’re eating, you’re just going to keep making the same mistakes over and over. When you don’t know that a certain slice of pizza has 700 calories, you’re bound to gain back that weight you lost after you put it back on the menu.

Once you know what you are eating throughout the week, the next step is to add up the calories for the week. You might be surprised at the number of calories you consume every week. Now that you know what amount of food you are eating over time, you will be able to better adjust the amounts of food for the next week. People are unable to lose weight just because they don’t realize that losing weight is really just a math equation. If you know how much you are eating over the span of a week and you are unhappy with your weight, slowly decrease the amount you are eating over time and the fat will burn right off.

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Your Diet Plan Was Too Strict

We’ve all heard about those crazy diets that make you eat the same food every single day. You can never deviate from the plan and you can never have any cheat meals. You must follow this rigid plan exactly how it is laid out and there is no room for adjustments. This is like starting your life over again. The worst thing you can do is to start a diet plan that is so strict that there is no room to slowly implement it into your current life. You can’t lose weight over time if the diet plan doesn’t allow you to slowly fit it into your lifestyle, plain and simple.

To lose weight over time you need a diet plan that isn’t rigid and allows you to eventually construct your own plan. Along the same lines of not following a diet plan that is too strict, you should not blame yourself for every little mistake you make. Instead of thinking “I can’t lose weight” or wondering “why can’t I lose weight” recognize that it’s a process that takes some time. If you’re too strict with yourself and you fall off the wagon for a day, don’t tear yourself down. Recognize your weaknesses and jump right back on that wagon. A small diet mistake can always be fixed with a healthy choice.

These are just some of the reasons why people often gain back the weight they have lost after starting a new diet. Many people think they are unable to lose weight because they don’t know about the many pitfalls to be aware of. Dieting is all about finding that happy medium between your lifestyle and the way you want to look in the mirror. Never again do you need to think that you can’t lose weight because one diet plan failed you. Never again do you need to tell yourself that you cannot lose weight. Now you know that there are many factors out there that can have a negative effect on your ability to stay strong and find a diet that fits perfectly for you and you alone. So the next time you look yourself in the mirror and say “Can I lose weight?”, make sure to respond with “Absolutely”.

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